November 6th, 2004


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Dear Holy Father

Thank you for helping people through exams. Thank you for the time you have given them both to study and relax. Thank you for letting me see my friends on Thursday. Thank you that I could go to Anna's party last Saturday where I ould see everyone, so not be too sad about missing Cint's. Please help me not to be envious of those going to Cint's, but happy for them. Thank you that I will see my friends on Sunday and other days instead.

Please be with Paula's Mum who is ill at this time. Please comfort Paula who has gone over to visit her in New Zealand. If it is your will, please heal her mum quickly, so that Paula will not be overly worried for too long.

Thank you for Tina bringing a rat into my room. It was rather amusing, and reminiscent of Melly, so it was kinda comforting in a very odd way. Please don't let Tina bring any more rats into my room.

Please be with my family up north. Thank you for thecongregation they have in the church up there. Thank you for the faith of the congregation, that it is geniuine. Thank you for their eagerness to learn more about you, even though some of them are tied down to non-Christian families. Please may their faith be as an example in their families, so that you may work in them. Please be with Mum wach day as she works as the hospital. Please help her to get rested each day, and to recieve enough support from Dad and Laura regarding house hold chores. Please help all of them show constant love and patience towards each other.

Please help me to work well today, even though I want to be someplace else. Please help me to be good natured and happy and not sulk, so that I may be a good witness unto you.

I pray for Matt, who needs sleep. Please give him your strength.
I pray for Kit, who is working on becoming a better person regarding other people. Please encourage him in his efforts.
I pray for those struggling to keep up with their prayer life and Bible reading. Please compell them to do so, remembering that your word is Holy and our final authority.
I pray for Lise's family as I think, they are going through the trial. Please help them to forgive and to love Lise's Grandad. Please let justice prevail always.
I pray for Grandpa, who isn't a Christian. I pray for Grandma who is. Please help her to be a good example of your love towards Grandpa. Please work in his heart, so that he may come to know you.

You hear my prayers always Lord. I do not worry, because I take issues to you, and your hands are the most secure and the most loving of all hands.
I bring before you Tom Cordery. He is trying so hard to deal with his depression. Please use me, andall his friends, to show him unconditional love and support. Please bing him comfort from his troubles. Please Father, above all else, please open his eyes to your nature and love.


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Thank you for this prayer journal that everyone can see. It is good for my prayer life, because I know, that everyone reading this knows if I pray every day. Then, if I do not pray for a whle, they will question me about it and remind me to pray.

It is also good Father, because I know when I do pray, and it encourages me to pray every day. First, because I can see what I'm praying for, and then you work, and I know what prayers have been answered. Secondly, because I do not want anyone saying that I don't pray. Most Importantly, I feel something of your love for me, and your patience with me, when I bring all things to you, and I always feel better off, for beinging my troubles to you.

Thank you for prayer, Father God.

But I ask now, that I have the motivation to spend time dwelling on your word too. As that will build me in faith, and understanding of your Holy nature.