November 7th, 2004


(no subject)

Hello Lord

Thank you for tonight at work. Thank you for keeping me happy that I was earning money. Thank you for keeping my thoughts from Cint's party that I was missing. Thank you that I was earning money.

Thank you so much that I enjoyed work. Thank you that I didn't get too stressed over the wine shortage or anything. Thank you that I'm not working until Tuesday, and even then, it's orientation at the Hyatt, which ought to be very cruisey.

Please look after my friends Father. Thank you for the time I'm going to spend with my friends in the next few days.

I pray for Nic White. I pray that he'll be able to come to St Matts more often. I pray that you'll bless him with a job, and he'll use the time without a job, to show love and patience towards his family.