December 13th, 2004


(no subject)

Hello Father

Thank you for Caitlin. Thank you for her friendship. Thank you that she provides an encourging and understanding ear.

I pray for Tom and Brian. Please be with them always. Please work in them so that they will act and think in a manner that glorifies you. Please don't let them neglect you.

Please be with Lydon tomorrow as he goes in for a work thingus. Please let it go well for him. Thank you for this job he has as Woolies.

I pray for the properties I'm interested in. Please bless me with one of them. I would very much like the cheaper one, but they are all cheap, so I will be very happy with any. Lord, you provide for my needs, so I trust that something will come up soon, when I need it. These places are extremely convenient, so I pray that you will bless me with one.

I pray that when I am in my place, I will own some fish. That would be cool.

Please work in me Father, please change me so that I will be a better instrument for your glory.