January 24th, 2005


(no subject)

Hello Father

You've been so awesome to me. You've blessed me with a place I can afford, and parents who are supportive. You've blessed me with awesome friends who encourage me in my faith and who accept me for who I am. I was able to go to Tuesday night PYLC and hear the talk there.

I pray father, that it will be in your will for me to go on bus trip later this year, and PYLC next year. I pray that Laura will be able to live with me next year or in a few years when she goes into high school. I ask that you watch over her this year, and help her to grow and mature in you, even though she is still little.Please let it be in your will, that Laura will walk with you and follow your will. Please be with her at all times, and help her to have patience with Mum and Dad always.

Father, I want to enrol in the trinity night course this term, but I don't think I have the money do be doing much at the moment. I pray that talking to my Dad about this would go well, and that he will be willing to lend me the money to pay bills, as well as attend this night course.

Lord, yesterday I learnt so much about you, and had a very good time hanging out with Lise, Ian and then Nic. I enjoyed the Bible study that Lise and I had, and I pray that, although she is busy, I will be able to spend some amount of time with her. But she and Nic haven't spent much time together recently and I ask that they will find time to have together, so that they will be able to talk and have fun. Please help Lise in her sleeping, so that she will get enough of it. Please don't let her be too swamped in her uni timetable this coming semester, because it is looking rather busy.

I pray for Hilary. I haven't been around her much so far this year, but I pray that once I am financially okay again, then we will find the time to hang out together and be able to encourage one another. I feel as though we are drifting apart, but I ask that your hand will be upon this, and that we might still be friends, if it is your will.

I pray for the people at Riverview church, and those who attend similar churchs. Oh Father, my heart cries out when I see how they are being babied and cuddled against the hardships that fellowship with you calls us into. It seems that they touch on the truth, but then gloss it over with stupid songs and not even picking up your very word! Please Father, bring your wisdom into this. Show them what fellowship with you really is. That it is hard and full of trials, and that it demands daily sacrifice of selfish wants. That to truly live life to the fullest, we must read your word daily and constantly pray and enjoy fellowship with our brothers and sisters in you. Father, please set their feet on the right path. Please show them truth.

Lord, please be with me each day. Please keep me stong in you, so that I will not be stupid or say or do anything foolish that dishonours your name. Please make my thoughts calm and more level towards you. Please help me to pray to you always and to read my Bible regularly, so that I will be growing and learning about you more and more. Please don't let me fall into the sinful habits of this world, and neglect you.