March 11th, 2005


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this isn't a prayer, but I've been praying regularly these days and not using the internet coz my money needs to go towards things like living.
So, here I am not using this as a prayer journal.
Don't I suck!?
Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. art score: 5
2. road trips score: 4
3. debating score: 3
4. saves the day score: 3
5. linkin park score: 3
6. tattoos score: 3
7. donnie darko score: 3
8. food score: 3
9. politics score: 3
10. basketball score: 3
11. friends score: 3
12. rock score: 3
13. nirvana score: 3
14. england score: 3
15. philosophy score: 3
16. piercings score: 3
17. cooking score: 3
18. london score: 2
19. new jersey score: 2
20. cds score: 2

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What is man that you are mindful of him?

These past weeks/days/months, I've grown and made mistakes and filled my life up with stuff.

Upon reading LJ and the goings on, I don't feel much regret on what I've missed. I've been discovering who I am, and building closer relationships.

I wish I had the time to hang around more people, but I need the money to enjoy a lifestyle I currently don't have.

A guy from work I know, is selling his Sylvia in 6 months or so, so I plan to save as much money as I can and possibly borrow some from the account Mum and Dad set up for me. Then I will own a very shiny, very uber awesome Sylvia with mag wheels and a sub woofer. Unfortunetly, she's an auto. But still... I have been getting sick of the constant gear changing and I would still own Hannah.

I wish I had more time to spend with people and go out and do stupid stuff. But God has been so gracious towards me and given me both a job and time with friends.

I'm doing a night course on Church History which is absolutly fascinating. I have 1:30 left of internet cafe time left. I'm going to pay for some more now. BRB ok, 15mins left now.

I love so many people I don't get to see. I hear so much about people I've only met once, or not at all. I wish I could see life through the eyes of others. I wish I didn't get angry/depressed every now and then. Please pray that God will level out and control my emotions.

People sometimes come by and visit me at my unit. Winter is coming so my unit won't be as stuffy as usual. My bedroom has some more floor space, but my room is getting cluttered.

I applied for a second job at coles myer today. Hopefully I will get a good day job to help save for the Sylvia.

I'm going to the Perth's Womens Convention on Saturday. I'm excited.

I'm always working. One night I didn't work and people feel through the plans I had made. It seems whenever I make plans, people can't make it or they just generally fall through. I got really pissed off about that. But I got to spend time with more people than what I would have if I'd gone out. I couldn't see that then, but God blessed me in my ignorance and anger. If only I'd been better company.

On Wednesday, I was a klutz. I knocked over so many things and broke glasses and spilt champagne all over Dan. *embarrasment*

On Tusday I'm hosting a jewelery party, which means I have to miss out on attending CU at UWA. I'm sad about that. But hopefully God will work in the people who come, so that more good will come over it than otherwise.

I pray that I will get a job at Colesmyer. It would be such a blessing, and it would help fill my days.

I sent a txt msg to many people a while ago, and I fear that because it was widely sent, people didn't think that the love was sincere. Yet God loves everyone equally and so much more than we could ever love. The love I sent was in me because God had put it there. Therefore, I was able to love everyone so much.

Anyway, I must go, I have to get to work and battle the traffic.

Love to all of you, Kat
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