April 1st, 2005


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Hello everyone

Yesterday at work, I fell down some stairs and tore some ligaments in my ankle. So come and visit me at my home some time between today and the 8th to keep me company coz I can't walk on my foot coz it hurts too much.

Bring me flowers and chocolates to help accelerate the healing process! :D

Last night was so hard. I had to do everything for mysef by hopping around on my left leg. But I managed to cook myself some dinner (steak sandwich, yay for small kitchens), set up Buffy viewing and then collapsed into bed in a flurry of hard work and tears. It's times like these I could use a boyfriend/family to dote on me.

So today Hilary came and drove me to the hopsikle, where I got an x-ray done. I have no fracture, just two torn ligaments and a par of not-o-shiny crutches in which I can control-hop myself around the place. yay!

So please pray for swift healing of my ankle. It doesn't hurt most of the time. Cept when I knock it or try to move it excessively.