August 22nd, 2005


how long has it been since I last updated?

oh yeah, my ligament healed nicely. But work was crap and they made me walk around (or hobble... painfully. but that's ancient history now)

Hello everybodies
I'm at Hilary's place where Richard is getting fixed. Yay! and while I'm here I'm bumming off her internet connection! Yay for bumming!
Hilary made good dinner tonight. Me happy.
I downloaded 2 of my all time favourite top three songs ever!
These are:
Touched - Vast
Holy Grail - hunters and Collectors
and the one I didn't download
Town 0 phase 5 - some Japanese dude.
top 4 song is
Mr Brightside - The Killers

So these days I'm working at the Hyatt and Subway, Subiaco. I teach 2 sunday school groups, one at my church for the 10am service. The other for another church at 5pm. I also do Kendo and fencing. I'm enjoying my life. I just got over a bout of depression brought on my not reading my Bible and praying (i.e, not spending time with my saviour and Lord). Although I didn't realise that it was making me depressed until I started reading and praying and realised that I felt a great peace, and I'm been feeling happy-go-lucky and quiet peace ever since. Yay for that!

Kendo and fencing are heaps of fun and I could totally whip Hilary's arse at her crappy historical re-enactment fencing crap any day! YES I COULD! Shut up Hilary!

Yeah, stuff's pretty good right now.

Ok, bye all.