October 23rd, 2005


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Hello everyone.

Well, I've been trying to break a habit of not reading my Bible, and I've been reading it for maybe the past week. Though about half of that has been prep for the very first Bible study I'm leading on Tuesday at HUB, and kids church, and this article that I'm trying to write for Hilary's Damsel newsletter thing.

I got a little depressed at one stage, so I went to read my Bible and spend a little time reading my Bible and that picked my mood right up. YAY!

Not much else happening here, I quit Subway like, 3 weeks ago. I have 5 shifts at the yatch club, so that's well. Um, yeah, got drunk - but not hammered on Friday. Had shots, was fun.

Life has been pretty well. Especially when I remembered to take time out to spend on God. Tinking on Ian bike with Peter was fun today. I had this random urge to tinker on a bike, and Peter's also up for tinkering on bikes, and Ians bike was broken - and still is, only now there's also a broken screw stuff in a hole that we can't get out. Oh well. These things happen.

I did 39 laps of the UWA pool today. It's a 25m pool, so that 25m away from swimming a k. It's my aim to swim 1k on Tuesday, then another lap the day after and so on. Coz I'm trying to get healthy so I can look good for the Hyatt ball in December, coz if I started making efforts now, then progress might happen.

Ian burnt me all his Blind Guardian. Joy! I have since listened to Nightfall in Middle-Earth cd like, a billion times.

Um, unit is messy, but completely my fault there. Bleh!
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