October 24th, 2005


Update in the womens room

So I popped into the womens room to see Hilary, but she's not here. However, there is a computer with internet on it! YAY!

Yesterday was kendo. Went pretty well, I beat one of the other newbies. However, being a newb myself, I have a chance of beating others like myself. Got beat up a bit, my wrist still hurts from a "kote" that this chick from murdoch did a couple of times. However, I didn't wimp out and quit like I did last week. Yay! I also fought a... 4th Kue or something, and that confused me as he had this funny fighting technique. He would position himself too clse to me, then not try to attack, so I would attack, and then he'd do that thing when you're right close to each other and try to push the other person away and "men" them when you spring backwards. Only he wouldn't do that and his shinai was going everywhere and it was so confusing. BUT, i didn't wimp out. Yay!

Swimming went well today as I completed my goal of 1k within 26mins. Yay!

This keyboard is stiff.

C you later peoples
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