December 20th, 2005


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Hello everybodies

Hyatt ball was last night... uh... Sunday night.

Uber uber uber fun! So much funs.
Was Las Vagas themed, so upon entry, was given $100 in "funny money" I then gambled my "funny money" on the roulette. I had this huge winning streak, then wanted to dance and eat, so I made really stupid bets to lose all money, which I did.
I made my dress, and it looked uber uber gorgeous! My partner Ian, wore a matching tie that I made and looked rather dashing in a suit, but then, most boys do look dashing in a suit!
Food was good, alcohol was good, everything was FREE!!!!
Novak the DJ played some good songs (and also some bad ones, but the alcohol made me forget all the bad ones), the general manager of the entire hotel dressed up as Dame Edna, I got to see good friends from my work that I haven't seen since I broke my wrist.
(BTW, for everyone who doesn't already know, I broke my wrist on the 3rd of Dec and am not working till mid-Jan)
Oh so much funs! I did the Bus-stop, and it's more fun doing the bus stop when others are doing the bus stop too!
Heather and I have been all Buffy-fest today and I've been knitting a scarf.

Merry christmas everyone.