January 18th, 2006


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Ok, so my hand hurts when I lift it up to the keyboard to put in LJ entries.


To Hilary

I'm sorry
It was a stupid topic to argue over, and I shouldn't have gotten so passioned by it.
I didn't read your lj entry on it, because I felt really bad about how I'd treated you and am afraid of being told that I'm stupid and immature, which I am. Even if you didn't write that, I thought you might, so I didn't read it properly.
Please forgive me for insulting you. I understand and respect your views on the topic we argued over. I've even come to see why you hold that opinion and share some of your sentiments. (I still love it though)
We've fought before and gotten over it. For some bizarre reason we're still very good friends, and I hope you can see past my idiocy to still be my friend.


In other news, I got into uni. I didn't get my second choice, which was Murdoch: Rockingham, but my first choice, being Murdoch: Murdoch!
Tears of joy were at the scene when opening letter of acceptance.
Very excited and nervous. But more excited. *sigh of goodness*

Thank you Father! Thank you!
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