February 8th, 2006


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Kickstart = good
I'm more excited and eager for uni now. I think I can shuffle my time table around to get Tuesday off, which is good for me.
Had the Patullo's over for dinner at Parents place tonight. That's Julie, Malcom, Ian and Heather. I think it went well enough, my family didn't embarass me too much.

My spelling is so shocking! And I want to be a primary teaching! *rolls eyes at self*

I'm tired and I still have to drive home. I think I'm meant to be doing something tomorrow or Friday, and then Saturday is wedding, and Sunday is Sunday school x 2 day and Monday is orientation and Tuesday I think is Bible study, and Wednesday... busy busy week.
And next Friday I think is St Matt's sunday school pool party for the kids that I have to be at and/or WSCBC intro-to-the-new-year-at-WSCBC night where I've been roped into helping with the kids while the parents of congregation and guests need to be occupied. Any voluteers to help me? I need some... many... lots! Plesase?
Otherwise WSCBC is the week after. And uni starting. I"m getting a bit daunted thinking of it, so I think I'll go home and sleep, and my spelling and grammer is getting worse as I continue to type this. Bah.

This is the longest entry I've had for a while.

Wrist *still* hurts! It's kinda sad, I've forgotten how it feels to have a working wrist. I was philadelphia-cream-cheesing some sliced french stick of bread earlier today and I had my hand at the weirdest angle trying to 'butter' it before I thought of just resting the bread on the bench (duh!)

I'm also getting kinda scared that I won't ever be able to do kendo again. And I had these cool day-dreams of owning this big house with a massive library and "playing" kendo in it with all the evil people who try to assasinate me randomly and then beating them, and then having children and teaching them kendo and so they'd look so cute in teeny tiny bogu! *sad sigh*

I guess I just need to pray some more that I will be content with what God has given me, and... to be patient with the healing of my hand, and for healing of my hand (I always feel a bit suss about praying for healing, but the study on James at Bible study last year challenged me on that, so I should put this into practice) and that God will still be able to use me as an effect tool for ministry.

Kickstart was fun. I slaughtered this guy in Risk. Was fun! His name is Ferg *waves* Hi Ferg!
He has cool music taste and is one of 5 people first yearing at Murdoch, and the only guy of those 5. Ha! Awww. I met Clare, that Lise has told me all about, and Kathy that I met once before when Lise was in Hopsikle, and Brian, who I already know... you all know that I know him. Obviously. and a girl called *forgets name...* who's doing pretty much exactly what I'm doing... PEGGY! (her name is Peggy) except Indonesian, I'm doing Japanese, so she's cool and has helped me figure things out. OH! And Frizzy Lizzy is on campus this year!! She's doing a MTS thing (Ministry Training S-thingy) and she's been primary teaching for the past few years but will now be helping out Clare and Steve at Murdoch. YAY!

Me = tired and brain is running on and on and on and on and on. Bah.

Until another long entry like this (few and far between as they are)
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