February 13th, 2006


I'm going to have a topic heading for this entry! Yay! Rant, prayers, good times


I'm at Murdoch today as is the first day of O-week. It was fun. I ended up helping at the MCU stand as there wasn't much else I wanted to do. But that was good. I met some people and chatted with them. And I'm helping Wednesday morning too. w00t.

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Ash and Lex's wedding was beautiful. One of the groomsmen pulled me up to dance at one stage and that was a blast! The accomodation was a part of the venue where the reception was held, so a 20 metre walk was required to get to bed. So we stayed up until 2-3am chatting and polishing off the wine. I didn't get drunk, I spaced my drinks nicely. Lex was absolutly stunning! And I cried, but I'm a sucker for Christian weddings.
Ian led sunday school the Sunday afternoon, which was awesome! Because I was so exhausted from driving to Bunbury, a late night, early morning, driving back to Perth. So I just stayed in the background. w00t.

Valentines day is tomorrow. I have blessedly not been thinking about it. I'll go to a movie ($10 Tuesday at Innaloo!) read the end of my book, listen to my music and go to Bible study in the evening. And eat some ice-cream. Those are my plans! Yay

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Another long entry, and this time I'm fulfilling the idea of this journal being for prayer. w00t. Maybe I can do this again sometime. C: <--- I like that smiley. It's more smiley than :) and his head is leaning on the other side. I'm totally using C: <-- this guy more often! C:!
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