February 22nd, 2006


Lyrics meme

I like the idea of a lyrics meme, so here's one I'm throwing together.

Collapse ) Ok, go for gold folks! No cutting and pasting lyrics into search engines. I'll know if you have because the first 5 are pretty impossible to get except if you've spent copious amount of driving time in my car. C:

I think matt_carrot will be able to get a few of these. Good luck to everyone else.
Answers in a week!

Ok, all you guys suck for not guessing, or even taking wild stabs. So here's the Collapse )
fermented_duck gets all the points, except 4 which I award to fergmonkey

matt_carrot can have some points too coz he randomly told me he thought number 2 might be Blind Guardian, and although it wasn't a proper answer, he was right. But I think I might take away those points coz he didn't get Relient K! *shakes head in disapointment* And you call yourself a fan!
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