March 13th, 2006


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Hello everyone. My new layout is now final and complete (I had some colour clash issues, but I'm happy with the finished result)

Uni is going well;
My foundation unit is good, since I have written a draft, I feel I don't need to work on it again until the night before it's due, when I cut 150 words to put it in the word limit, and refocus my discussion back to the essay topic.
Japanese is still fun, and I met a new person that I sat next to today because I was late and there were no other seats. It's good to practice with someone who is kinda at my level (so many people don't have much confidence and so falter quite a bit)(it sounds kinda cocky saying that, but I think I'm doing pretty well, I stuff up a whole heap, but I recover well enough and can pick my own mistakes out)
Language and Literacy is fun and kinda confusing, but really easy once I've gotten over the confusion.
Culture Maths is just boring and I have an assignment due in a few weeks that I need to start researching, meh. I'm going to do women in mathematics. I think some of Hilary's feminist attitudes have rubbed off on me, so I think I could pull off a half decent essay.

God has been just awesome to me over the weekend. My Friday was going to be sad and depressing, but God heard my cry and delivered me from the land of depression, into a land flowing with fun, friends and food. How God uses people to administer his Grace! Saturday went well enough, despite missing out on Lachlans going away (I got the wrong venue and couldn't call them as I'm out of credit for the next fornight). Sunday went well. I had good girly time with Hilary and Ali, and then I spent much time with girls after church and then played poker with the boys after that. I won for a while. Which is good as I never win.

God is so good to me.
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