April 14th, 2006


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Hello everyone.
I'm back at parents place for friday night. Easter and all, might be nice to spend some time with them.
I did my essay proposal two hours before due, and it only took an hour. It's not on homosexuality, it on... "The changing social morals as contributing to the breakdown of the institution of marriage." I'm rather pleased with it.

In other news, yay for study breaks! I plan to study on two, maybe three days, and spend the rest of it... maybe cleaning my unit, babysitting, reading my Bible. Actually, this is sounding like what i usually do, only less time spent at the MARS club room. Yay for MARS!

I'm happy being single. I really am. I'm glad God's put me here. I like spending time my way, doing my thing, saving *cough* my money. There was a little 6yr old I babysat for last week, who asked me when I'm getting married, and told me that God wants me to get married. lol. But I'm happy. Actually, Ithink content is a better word for it.

I'm still completely broke, but God has blessed me with two babysitting jobs and one on Saturday this week. Yay! So I'm saving to pay my bills and service my car. But the fitness club I joined last year, is still billing me, so I need to go talk to them about that. Because they shouldn't be! My contract has expired. So that's over $100 they owe me. So I'll go in tomorrow and try to get my money back.

Not much else is happening *sigh*
I should pray that I wont fall into discontent and get angry with the gym. I also want to pray that I'll get my money back. Coz I'm broke. *sigh*
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