April 15th, 2006


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I've changed again
Ta-da for my new and ... well there was nothing to improve upon before, el-jay!
I also have some new user pics. So check them out. w00t
That is all.
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One more post for today. I promise.
I had the best idea for my birthday. It shall be titled: 20hrs in the 20's for Kat's 20th.
It'll go over an entire Saturday, I'll make up a schedual from 8am till 4am the next morning and people can pop round at any time to join in any of the activities. And dress up in 20's fashion gear.
As my birthday is in the middle of exams, I'll have it after exams, so could people from various uni's please let me know when the exams are over for them?
I really like planning things, and having my unit as an "open house".
Should be fun and casual-ish.

Opeth in 4 days!!!! *squeeee*
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