April 27th, 2006


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Hello everyone
Thursday has come around again today.
Lots to update on, and I'm feeling... something... so I'm going to update now. Also, the internet is down for 10mins, so I might as well spend that telling you stuff.Let us start from this time last week.

Thursday: I think I was still asleep, although given my early mornings, I may have been awake and reading non-uni related stuff (go Robert Jordan!). Concert in evening, awesome. Okay, 4/5 of the crowd were men, and 1/3 of those had long hair and beards. Funny.

Friday: Can't remember. I know I did something... but I can't remember what. Oh I know, I went somewhere... involved nicwhite86. Hung out at Ian's. Watch this cool old movie made in the 50's about this guy who returns home after a crusade (set in the way back when) and plays chess with death to extend his time on Earth so he can sort of if he believes in God or not. It's really cool. I enjoyed it muchly. People bought many pizza's and let me eat some. Yay!

Saturday: Hung out with people at Ali's place. Fixed Ali's red skirt which is now looking good. Watched You've got Mail. Played marbles. It was good hanging out. Ian's place was mostly hanging with guys, so I hung out with the girls on Saturay. And Ali let me eat some grilled cheese and bread. Yay!

Sunday: I had my sunday all to myself for the last time as morning Sunday School is starting up again in 3days. I do enjoy it, but I am selfish and want them to myself. I have a good team of people this term so I'm excited about that. So I didn't do much. I had people over at my place again after Unichurch. I invited a few more than I expected to actually come, but it was good. I had the tea pots pumming out bucket loads of tea! And Tom came to church again! w00t! And he says he's bringing Anna next week. So I've been praying for them and hope that things will go well. So big yays for that and a w00t!

Monday: Back at uni, visited centrelink hopefully for the last time in a while as I'm now all student payments instead of disability payments! And I didn't get all depressed afterwards like centrelink unsual makes me! Oh, nothing was on TV (that's a crappy excuse I know) so I decided to go visit kendo and just watch them hitting each other (squee!). Sensei's three boys where there participating. They'd only just started, so they were really crap, but so cute! (daydreams of having kids one day and dressing them up in tiny bogu all came back to me). So I stepped in to show them how they should be hitting each other and... wonder of wonders... My wrist did not hurt!! So I'm going back on tonight. I went and chatted with Malcolm afterwards about random stuff (including food predicament of not having any, although god is still providing enough, *grins*) and he suggested I make damper (SR flour, salt and water), so I have and it has been good! Yay!

Tuesday: I had people over for lunch on a "bring someting to share" basis. So a fellow from church rocked up first with some pasta. Then Malcolm and Ian rocked up with a chicken and some soft drink. Then Tom K and Nic M rocked up with another chicken and a quiche. And I made a loaf of damper and shared it with butter and jam. so that was fun, and I was so thankful that more than 2 people showed up and brang food. Yay! And Bible study was good that evening too.

Wednesday: Uni, uni, uni. Bible study, then MCU meeting, then my brain melted in Jap class (it's my hardest but most enjoyable). I met up with Brendon, who is one of the leaders for my Sunday school class. We went through the lesson plan and it was very encouraging. He's a very nice fellow and quite keen to get get the kids learning about God and having fun!
Then I went to Aroma. Which is a girls-only meeting held at st Matts to work on a particular topic. We looked at Guidance, what the Bible says, and how we can apply it to our lives. Unfortunatly, it didn't answer any of my specific questions, but I didn't expect it to. I think the most I got out of it was, continue in my faith. It's like what Paul and Jesus and many of the other NT authors says. There's no need to go further in faith or up a level, or anything crazy like that, but just to continue in the faith we already have.
So what I know, I just need to persevere in that! Which is hard, because I've been persevering for over a year now in a particular issue, and I'm always coming to the same conclusion of: have faith, God is in control, if he wants this for you, he'll work it out whether you do something or not, so I may as well not do anything I'm not sure of. Which is what I've been doing. Also, Elisabeth Elliot (in her book, Passion and Purity) says: Do you want to walk here, as in all aspects of your life, by faith, or will you take things into your own hands? So that's been important to me recently.
"But seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well" Matt 6:33 is my memory verse for the week!

Thursday: Early morning Japanese is hard on the brain. Take care people.

If you have prayer points of sorts, lemme know. I gots me a prayer list that I pray on the bus! So I can add you to it. This prayer list thing in my pocket is actually working! It was suggested in Disciplines of a Godly Woman and I took it on board. So it's not regular prayer, coz that is hard, but it does get me praying at least more than 3 times a week. Which is an improvement on before! Yay! and w00t!
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition, bring your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of Christ Jesus" Phil 4:something

It's weird how I'm content, even though my situation is kinda crappy.
Thank you Father!
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So I'm utterly exhausted from kendo, disappointed that I didn't do better (despite having taken 5months off from broken wrist), and with the exhaustion, comes the breaking down of many issues in my head. So a couple of hours followed where I was rather depressed. Then I told myself to not be depressed, because the resolving of these issues, wouldn't exactly cure the depression I was facing. Which helped. So I'm still exhausted, and slightly depressed. But I'm not wallowing, and issues are kept at bay again.

but I'm also somewhat hopeful, that kendo stuff will come back to me in time. I do enjoy it, I just hate sucking at it.
Please help me to be content at my level, Father.
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