April 28th, 2006


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I am so sore all over. I took a bit of a beating at kendo last night, so my arms and legs are sore anyway. But then I had to go jogging with Heather this morning, and my legs were killing me half way and I fell behind and tried to jog faster on the down hill to catch up, but I couldn't! Moo

Do you get times where God deals you out these blessings, but they also come with all this crap stuff that's so hard to handle? I know that God is building my into this person that he wants me to be... probably more Godly... but it takes so much pain to get there.

Collapse ) Not all the songs, just a verse or two from various songs
Strangly, Relient K, a high energy Christian punk band, is making sense to my troubled soul. Collapse ) most of all

"If the burden seems too much to bear,
The end will justify the pain it took to get us there"

I'm in the refiners fire, but my heart is so heavy.
I suppose a lot of this has been in me, but I've been able to deal with it. What with the physical and emotional exhaustion from trying to fight (and you don't have to be actually fighting for it to be exhausting, just the tension of waiting to spring is enough!), the flood (small country brook) gates (pebbles) were flung aside and are torrenting from ear to ear (pebbles are being thrown at me). Hah, my brackets are funny.

The troubles don't actually feel that big, demo, chiisai desu yo! But that don't stop it from weighing me down.

My thighs are killing me, and my upper arms. But hopefully I might be able to get a bit of kendo practice in this afternoon with Intan, Matt and/or Ian. Apparently, whoever turns up. I would like to practice to get better already!

Anyway, I should stop ranting. I kinda promised myself to confide in me and a select number of friends (3), but here I am telling everyone who reads this journal. But I haven't been able to confide in them for the past few days, they've been busy, and I've been pretty busy myself. So I'm telling all you readers out there something that you have no idea about. You only get the feelings, and me trying to articulate them, none of the details, and that's how it should be! Damn it!

I want to be fluent in Japanese already. nihongonosugoidesoyo!
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日本語 = japanese language
okay, so how do I type that in, rather than cutting and paste-ing? How on earth do you spell paste-ing??? Pastting? pasting, passting? paseting? GAH!