May 3rd, 2006


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Hey hey
So about two weeks ago, I was a nice drive in the park of emotions. Now I'm riding this rollercoster again after a year or so of (relative) emotional flatness and wondering what triggered this ride?
Like really, what the crap?
I've been chucking all these tantrums in my head and feeling a bit like a 3yr old again. Gah!

Oh well. You know those rides at various shows that are these chairs attached to a big swing thing that whizz's you around and it's lots of fun, but not very exciting? I like those rides. I'm right now riding on one of those (emotionally), but there's no telling when I'm hopping back off to the rollercoster.

I like rides. rides = fun

Japanese = so much fun!
Kendo = daisukidesuyo!
demo, totemotaihendesu.

this truly is self-flagulation.

Strangly, I also liked Calculus and Chemistry in high school, despite them being my hardest subjects (and not being very good at them)
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