May 4th, 2006


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I've got an oral that I need to present in 3hrs. I have not started. Bah

I mean, if it were an assignment, I would be done (or almost done), but as it's an oral, I just can't bring myself to write something I'm speaking! I have an idea of what I want to say, I just got to get it down in note form, and possibly hand in a copy of something or do a handout (something impressive).

Ok, emotionally I've settled down a bit. Yay! So things are going good.
I saw Accidental Death of an Anarchist last night with Tom, Anna and Durston. It was good. I enjoyed it. They jumped out of script a bit at times to make political commentry. And I'm not a fan of politics at the best of times. But they presented it really well. It was amusing and made me think, although the first half of the play was a really mind bender with the heavy politics and stuff that I didn't understand but the second half wrapped it up well and I began to undertand what was happening.
I enjoyed it.

Kendo again tonight. Watashiwakonbankendoshimasu.
Japanese is going well. I think I'm getting into a pattern of my mind being squished *grins*
imatoshyokanniimasu. gogonihongobenkyoshimasu. <-- now I'm in the library. This afternoon I'm studying Japanese

watashinopaatigaarimasenka <-- maybe. I'm not sure if I've got that right, so I'm not going to translate.

Tomorrow I'm going on unichurch camp! YAY! I'm excited, the last one was totemoiidesuyo!

I need to find an article to use for my oral and talk about. Wish me luck!
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Oral went ok.
Mostly I rambled, which is of no surprise to anyone. I had the brilliant idea of showing the brief amount of footage from The Princess Bride where the bishop is like "Mawage..." which only took maybe 10secs. Hardly any of the kids in the tute had seen it! Gah! One of the greatest films ever!

I need to go home and do study. I do need to study, I've just been shoving it to the back of my head, and it's been uber busy recently.
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