May 5th, 2006


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nihongowaiidesuyo. ichibandaisukidesu.
konbanwamooreriverniikimasu. gogowaserenityroleplayimasu.
kendowadaisukidesu. And last night (at kendo) I managed to beat up some noobs. Yay! Last week I wasn't able to beat any of them. Kendo is definatly coming back. I'm still crap, but I made a bunch of improvements last night. I need to remember to keep my foot out, and my shinai pointed at the throat of my opponent (instead of somewhere about their shoulder). But my kote hits got a little harder, and I didn't get hurt quite so bad. Susan whipped my arse, but she's awesome... 4th den (takaidesuyo!). Sensei is 6th den, and he's the second best in Australia! Courtney just became 1st den at the nationals, and he's got a different way of fighting. He has his shinai above his head, instead of infront of him like everyone else. It's cool fighting like that, cept... it takes a while.

I was talking to Ian about fighting, and apparently, men can get to a certain level, and if they want, fight with two shinai's instead of one. And women can get this bendy spear thing. So when I eventually get really good, I'll get myself a bendy spear thing and fight with that.
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