May 22nd, 2006


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I'm doing some study. Yay!
My research essay is sucky. In that I haven't done it.
I saw the DaVinci Code yesterday. I thought the major actors (cept Tom Hanks, I still don't like him) worked their characters pretty well. It was a good adaption from the book. Having said that, is was still bad. Lousy premise, lousy characterisation (through no fault of every actor cept Tom Hanks(he reeks anyway), let's blame him and Dan Brown :-) ), lousy action.
Claims about about christianity are, of course, completely unsubstantial. I give it 2/5. Mind, that 2 is all for Paul Bettany, Jean Reno and Ian McKellen. They had crappy roles to play, but they really made the best of them!

Two weeks of uni left!! gah! *shivers*
5 weeks till exams are over! gah! *is scared*

kitty is cute. He's getting better behaved. People came over last night and played with him a bunch. He got all his extra energy out. This morning he was meowing at me and I couldn't figure out why, he had food and water, a clean litter tray and I was playing with him. What more could he want!?

I think I'm dyslexic. That is a damn hard word to spell. The irony. Tee hee, ironing. I don't think I'll be a kendo for the next few weeks, I need to work on assignments. Blah
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