June 1st, 2006


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Hello everyone
I am a nugget

I didn't go to church on sunday (well, I did for the first 20mins coz I was on welcoming, but then I disapeared) coz I went to a birthday at Fairlanes bowling. I met this cool girl who is just like me (with the anime and metal and cats) cept she has one more cats than me, is trendier and not a Christian. But still, we chatted for a whole 1/2hr just on our cats! Yay for cats.

Atticus has been quite well behaved recently. Although, I'm trying to break his habit of biting people (i.e me) by hitting his head everytimes he goes with the teeth. Apart from that, he hasn't woken me up from sleep these past 2 nights. Yay! He just sleeps right next to me on my bed, and he's good for heat because totemosamuidesuyo!! (it's so freaking cold!!)

I was going to attend cultural maths class today but... just can't be bothered! bah!

I made me some good food last night. And then I had pie and ice-cream for dessert. Yum
How good is that finishing sauce ad? "Otto, I found finish sauce, and then she showed me the ing. Was silly, but the sauce, yum! Our friends, they also say yum..." it's a funny ad!

I made cookies the other day, and then gave them to friend who's been getting less than 3hrs sleep a night on average for the past week for being overloaded on assignments.
And I'm going to kendo tonight because the japanese guys come on Thursdays and I can practice Jpns with them! Yay for renshyu! (practice).

Okay, I finally have some more insight into speaking in tongues. Not only can it be used to edify the church, but also for yourself in prayer, RE Romans 14:4. So now I understand it. Whereas before I didn't! wakarimasendeshita, demo, yokuwakarimasu!

To finish off, here's a Collapse ) (but everyone's doing it!)
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2nd post for today

Hello, I had a good talk to Clare today. Clare is one of the dudes who leads Murdoch Christian Union. We had a good chat about church's and what's important.

You see, I went to a hipping, hopping, happening church for a couple of months back in 12yr. I got really into it and was up the front jumping up and down and singing the same 2-line chorus over and over again. I was enthusiatic for what was going on and style of worship. However, the church had a lot of stuff wrong with it. 1. The collection was taken up the front, so you had to get out of your seat and walk to the front of the church to give. The Bible tells me that when I give, I should do it so my left hand doens't know what my right is doing.
2. The Bible talks were wishy washy. When I hear a sermon, I don't want to hear reason, experience or tradition. I want to hear what the Bible says. I want to learn what the Bible can tell me about how I should be living. I can fully expect to disagree with what it will say, but I believe it to be my final authority on matters of faith and conduct, so I'm going to change and be conformed to the likeness of Christ. How do I know how to change and how to be Christ-like? Because of the Bible. I don't want to hear about what the preacher thinks, I want to hear what the Bible thinks.

Reason 2 should really be reason 1. Even if the collection is crappy, the sermon should be good!

3. Youth group was a bunch of games. I mean, come on guys, if you want to see change, teach from what will change them. Games don't change kids, they teach them news ways to be competitive. Let's have more Bible teaching!

I know I seem to be pushing the importance of the Bible, but there is nothing more important than the Bible, especially in church! How do we know God? Through the Bible! How do we know how to live our lives? Through the Bible! What makes us Christians? God's grace poured out onto us, we know of this because of the Bible! The Bible, the Bible, the Bible! Nothing else!

I just need to be more loving and accepting of those church's who don't place as great an emphasis on the Bible as I do. I am trying really hard, and I think I'm getting better (Hilary can testify to me not getting as worked up and "you're wrong, I'm right" about arguments that we have).

It's just... can we bring everything back to that please?

Also, I got a credit for my 30% stupid assignment for my foundation unit. Yay!
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