June 20th, 2006


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Today: exam, buy fabric for costume on Sat, start sewing, go to Bible study, study for exams

Wednesday: do more sewing and continue cross stitch for Mum's birthday, work at Subway, work at babysitting job, study for exams

Thursday, study for exams, sew, cross stitch, do exam, study for Jap exam, go to babysitting job, sew

Friday: finish last exam, sew, cross stitch, prepare foods, babysit, prepare more foods, finish sewing, cross stitch, completely clean unit!


AND RSVP PEOPLE!!! *stress*

In other news, kendo comp went really well. I didn't win, but I was the lowest ranked person there, so that's no surprise. However, I did not get slaughtered!! YAY!!! *jumps for joy* this is awesome the me not getting slaughtered. I even got a few hits on the person I was fighting. However, the hits weren't hard enough and kinda sloppy, so I got no points for them. But I did hit him a couple of times, and I didn't get slaughtered. So it was a success.

Sunday was a weird day for me. I was up all morning, then went down in the evening. Boo. Lise is the awesomest person ever! Even though she beat me at Scrabble, she's awesome!

(no subject)

Cultural Maths is the screwiest subject around, and I'll just be happy to pass this crappy crappy exam.

What is the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning and theorems and theories?


I need to articulate this junk! I'm no good at articulation!