June 22nd, 2006


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SO i bought a pattern for a flapper chicago-style 20's dress from Spotlight (pattern books have NO 20's costumes in them, only chigaco stuff, which is WAY WAY too short). Typical 20s dresses are below the knee, not just below the bottom. Anyway, then I got some pretty fabric to make dress with, then sewed up the stupid pattern and discussed with Hilary the best way to add a skirt on the bottom so that it's required 20s-type length and skirt style. Bottom line, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! I'm am just rapt with it. Mind, I still have to finish the bugger of a neckline, because I've decided to line it instead of using bias binding like the pattern suggests, because I hate bias binding and and lining it gives it a MUCH nicer finish!

Everyone come to my party to see my dress! Anyway, all this sewing and then a bitch of a game of scrabble with Lise last night = me not studying for my exam today *is not bothered*
But I rewrote some notes to take into the exam, and tonight I'm cramming for Jap, which I am worried about. I'm babysitting tonight, but the baby will be asleep when I get there, and if things go as planned, he won't wake up and I'll be able to do Jap study. Hopefully. I was going to go to kendo, but I couldn't refuse the chance of making money.

I am just so looking forward to holiday down south. And end of exams, and my party. I need some lunch
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