June 29th, 2006


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Party was fun.Exhausting, but fun. Many people rocked up, thank you people for rocking up! Yay for people! It was good. I think that as there was so little space, it seemed like more people. I moved my furniture around, and shall keep it moved as I think it opens up the space a bit more. Dress was prettyful. Food was fun, getting a taxi was not so fun. Sunday was spent teaching sunday school and sleeping. Holiday on Sunday, yay for that!
Car is booked for service on the 18th of July, hopefully she can hold together until then! :)
Dad was talking to a dude from CMS about me and Japan and a suggestion was made that I go there for a short term mission trip to Japan over the Christmas holidays. He'll talk more to the CMS guy about aranging stuff. But... *squee* hopefully this year, but maybe next year. *ah hem* *squeeee*

Dad is awesome. I need to get my mind thinking about things other than stuff.Thinking about stuff is bad. I had a bad dream last night about my holiday next week. I got there and all these people that I don't like got invited and I had to be nice to them otherwise I would be all bitchy and I didn't wantto be a bitch. It was a horrible dream and am very thankful that I don't have to go with people I don't like. Yay for holidays with people I like!
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*gripe gripe*
parents suck, UWA sucks, UWA really sucks

From March onwards, UWA cracked down on parking infringments and I got a bunch of them for 2-3 months. Being busy with general stuff and not being arsed enough to deal with the problem immediately resulted in 11 fines at $45 each. Yes, that $495 in total. I put in an appeal form, however, it was knocked back, so now parents are involved and getting with the angry faces and angry voices, Dad's going to write another appeal for me and it will probably get knocked back and I'll have to pay the $495. I don't object to paying the fines. I did accumalate them and I have to take responsability for them. I do object to parents continually trying to fling this in my face. As if I didn't feel bad about it as it is! I know the weight of $495! I'm not blind to what this will mean to the next month or so. I'm going to have to take a bunch more shifts at subway and not be able to meet my budget for an amount of time. I get it! Can parents just lay off!


Good news; Muse's new album comes out Saturday!
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