July 16th, 2006


(no subject)

Hello everyone, long time no see. Here's what new with me!
- 2nd of July I went down to Peppermint Grove which is inbetween Bunbury and Busselton down south until Friday. Went with 7 boys and one other girl, but I had heaps of fun. On Wednesday, we decided to drive into Busselton to see Superman Returns. As the person who has more experience on country roads, I was driving in front of the other car we took. It was about 8:30 when a kangaroo jumped out and collided with my car. Car is still in busselton to where it was towed, and Parents and I are waiting on SGIO to assess our insurance claim and what is to be done with my car. It will either be written off or repaired, given that there's engine work, it may well be written off, but we wont know till the 18th of July.
- Returned home on Friday and hung around for two whole days not etting up to much.
- Went to MYC (Mid Year Conference). It was a whole lot fun, except Wednesday was extremely stressful, but all is good now. the camp was on guidance, so it looked a lot at God's sovreignty. It was good to be reminded that He's in control, though also frustrating, because it means he puts us through trails and even has complete control above everything bad in the world. But, I do know that "God works for the good of those who love him". Which is comforting.
- I got good results from uni, One credit and three distinctions. w00t for me! However, two units were incredibly simple, so it was no trouble getting D's for them!
- Muse's new album is for the win! I love it completely. I cannot express to you completely the joy I have towards it. It is too awesome for me to tell you on eljay. Let it be known it is the best album transcending time. I love Muse!

That is all