August 1st, 2006

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This mood theme is TOO MUCH EFFORT DAMN IT!!!!
But I want it to look pretty. It's involving run arounds to the website I'm getting the pics from, saving them to a floppy, uploading them on photobucket and putting them into the special window to upload them (again) to mood theme. You can't just randomly save straight onto livjournal, you need an external source to save them for you. BLAH!!!

Anways, stuff is busy today. I keep thinking that it's not busy, and then remember that I have kids bible study on today and I have no idea if the girls are actually going to be there! BAH!

Lah di dah!

Desperate Housewives is over for this year!!! I was actually getting really into it.
And I went to kendo last night and didn't do to badly. It was uber fun having Matt and Intan there.

~Before I forget, girls night. To those who are girls and are typically invited to girls night, it's NOT on the 12th of August, as I accidentally double booked girls night and a random winter charity ball that I'm going to (and you too can go, just let me know beforehand, $40 pay at the door). Instead, it shall be the following Saturday night of the 19th of August!
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