August 3rd, 2006


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Stuff at uni is settling down. I only have work at subway on tuesday for 3 whole hours between 12:30 and 3:30. I've also applied to work some shifts at Woolies in Subi. All this should provide me with much needed extra income apart from centrelink.

I feel like I'm dropping behind in Japanese, but I'm determind not to. So I'm going to do some study after kendo tonight. I finally got around to going to the education department today to get my police clearance. then, while I was in possession of Malcolm's car, went to do some shopping with the $50 gift my uncle gave me for my birthday (I asked him for food and didn't expect him to give me a voucher for food!). So now I have food to cook and eat instead of eating the yummy but unhealthy food here at uni.

yay for me for typing in Japanese. I learnt how to do that yesterday.

I have been doing random excersizes in the privacy of my own home in order to get healthy and feel good about my body image. I've discovered that it's not how I look that's the problem, but whether I'm keeping active. If I keep active, then I don't have a problem with how I look, but if I am lazy, then I start feel bad about stuff that I would like to change. I know that I don't have to change, but EVERYONE has some sort of problem with their self image and this is how I deal with mine, by keeping active! Yay for that.

Be good everyone
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aggravation with DIY moodthemes have caused me to branch out and steala moodtheme that was up for grab. Thus, I present to you, the new JD mood theme

*yay, yay*

Yay for Scrubs
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