August 4th, 2006


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I have a head ache
I went to the MARS room today where I found someone who wasn't Joey (the past few times I've visited Joey has been the only person there). Gene was there. So we chatted for a few minutes until Charis came, and left to go to a lecture. The two more people came and stayed. We, in the great MARS tradition, started up a munchkin game. Then some one else came, then someone left to pick up his little sister from school because she was feeling sick and so left early. Then three more people came, then person came back with little sister. ANYWAY! One of the people to rock up in the last lot of three people to show, was someone I haven't seen in a while (or if I do see her, it's randomly in passing, which happens surprisingly often, maybe twice a year). Anyway, she's gotten herself a baby now, and that's weird because she's only 20.

And John also rocked up to the MARS room sometime too.

Anyway! Baby at 20! I guess it happens more than I expect, but I don't expect it. People like to make a big deal with people get married at 20, but I reckon having a child at 20 is so much more hard work and responsability. Especially if you want to raise the child the best you can! I mean... gah! She's living with her boyfriend(or husband), who is also the father of the child, and that's just awesome that they've got the family thing happening.

But wow. I'm 20, and I live on my own, own a kitten (and I'm not doing that too well as he's still missing :( ) and my only responsabilities are for myself. I chose to take on extra stuff, but I can drop those if I want, but you can't drop a baby. I guess it's weird how far apart I am from her. We went to Newman high school together for a whole semester, and then I left to another high school, but she stayed on till the end of year 12. When she's 40, the child will only be 20. I'm 20 and my Mum's 45. It just seems so young!

But the baby looks healthy, and so does she. And I'm glad for her. But, it's just so far from where I am now... i.e. single, looking to stay single, babyless etc. they're huge responsabilities.

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