August 9th, 2006


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Lordy, last night I pulled out of going to Bible Study and did uni-productive stuff *gasp shock horror*
I've been feeling like I'm falling behind, so I've actually been studying. And I wrote up a weekly timetable with lots of time devoted to study, as well as doing things that I like, such as TV watching and kendo etc.

Yay for my study timetable. I feel so much better about uni. I have two assignments due next week, and I'm actually organised enough to have them done on time (I hope). One I'll get mostly done tonight and tomorrow (it involves interviewing a small child on a science experiment, and I have roped in the small child from my Sunday school Bible study group), the other is a learning journal book that needs to be done most days, and I hadn't done any until last night, where I filled in and back dated a bunch of entries form the past two weeks.

Yay for me!

And what's more, I then did some Japanese study. I'm still behind, but not as much behind! Yay. This evening, I'm going to do a bunch of sewing for Lise's dress, and then some more Japanese study, and also work on the first 3rd of the assignment involving the small child.

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