August 13th, 2006


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hello everyone

my weekend has been jam packed full of stuff.

never actually happened, as there needs to be at least 10 people present in order to vote for positions, and only 7 people turned up. Therefore, it's happening next friday. I'm running for prez.
-Summit meeting
it was at Liz's house and good fun. Apart from Liz though, I was the eldest there and none of us planning had actually been on girls camp before. So we were pretty excited about it.
-random party
I was randomly invited by Intan, who didn't show up until 11pm. there was a keg of beer and cider, and as I am doing the responsable thing, I only had two cups of cider and drove home early at about 12-12:30. Ian, Matt and Carrick all walked the 2 1/2 hour trek to Matt's home in the wee hours of morning. It was a fun party, great house and I met lots of people that i'll probably never see again.

-woke up at 8:30
sewed Lise's bloody dress all bloody day. It turned out fantastic, and serves me right for not working on it earlier. But man, as soon as i got up, I was working on it
-visited by JW's
interesting. Husband and wife out door knocking, seemed like a really nice pair. They talked me through some Bible stuff really simply, but they were ernest and sincere and I rather liked them. They asked me some questions that I thought had little relevance to salvation (i.e. what does the Bible mean when it talks about a new heaven and earth, where does that mean we'll live? On the new heaven or new earth?), (answer, who cares where we are, we'll be with Jesus forever, in perfect relationship with God and everyone else there), but I liked them and hope they have much success in their door knocking. Funny point, I'm prattling off scripture and am flipping quickly to passages as if I'm familiar with my Bible (which I am) and he mentions "it seems you have some interest in the Bible," no really? SOME interest? How about, base all my faith on what it says sort of interest? Hah!
-saw my friend Rachel
who is my oldest friend ever, and is really good. IT was good seeing her again and I felt bad that while she was visiting, I was sewing the entire time. But we're the kind of friends where I don't have to go all out when she's there. But I still felt bad. It was really good seeing her.
-went to a ball!
I co-MC'd with Liz. It was lots of fun, I had an absolute blast and we raised about $1600 for TEAR. Man, it was just the awesomest fun!

-sewed up Hilary's present
which was a small bag for use at SCA or wherever. I put linning in and everything. I only wish I'd made it a little bigger. Oh well, it turned out not so bad.
-braved habour town on a Sunday for a pair of toe socks
remind me to go on days that aren't sunday. Parking = nightmare and the crowds are tragic! In the end, a found a pair at the sox shop. There were very little pairs of knee-high socks and so I got the pair without pink!
-dropped off Hilary's present and chatted with her Dad
She wasn't home, but Gene was, so we chatted for a while
-went to a home open
wow, just... wow. $4.6 million asking in Dalkeith. Just... intense! It was... had everything! like, two kitchen areas, a bar/cafe set up, an actual cinema (with the layers of chairs and everything!), 5 bedrooms, it was the most affluent home I've ever seen, and I've seen some affluent homes!
-Sunday school
didn't do anything. We watched The Price of Egypt. Thus, low maintainance of children, as they're occupied by the movie. And I like that movie, so it was all good!
I welcomed. Church was good. We did a church survey thingy. Then I was at the welcome desk, where I handed out flyers for the Men and Womens conventions.

Now I need to study for my Jap test on Monday. Yay!