August 16th, 2006


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getting a cold
assignments due
almost fell asleep during the Bible talk
small patience level
so freaking tired
running on red bull; 5 cans in 3 days
can't sleep until assignments done
brain can't work

don't tell me anything remotely bad until I'm feeling ok again, so nothing but good or no talking for the next week

Now is not your chance to say "Kat... we need to talk... " etc.

I'm floating, just
I think I'm putting on weight
my face has broken out quite badly
tax returns, MARS AGM and car service on Friday
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(no subject)

ok doctors out there
my arm hurts.
I haven't whacked it against anything, but my upper arm, up by my shoulder, and my inner wrist area are both hurting and I don't know why.
Because I'm paranoid, I'm attributing this to red bull, as I finished my 6th red bull just 30mins ago. Anyone know what is actually causing pain?
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