August 17th, 2006


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hello world of eljay
hello people reading this.

Oh my gosh I got some sleep last night. I was desperatly tired at 8pm so I went to bed for 2hrs and felt so much better when I woke up. I think no kendo for me tonight again, as I have a killer head-ache. But I might drop by in the last hour and watch. The super sensei is there again and I want to chat with him.

La di dah. I have de-stressed a little.

Tomorrow should be good.

We've just learnt this horrible new grammatical point in Japanese that will change everything I've learnt so far! *wails* and it's super-hard! *wails* and I only just bought the book and the bookshop was out so I wont get to study it until it's printed for me *wails*
*waves arms in air*
All it really is, is joining 2 clauses together. But... hard! it's not just adding a "and" inbetween them, you gotta do other stuff too. And, and, *wail!* and, superhard!

But I'm still enjoying it, so that's something... and! I forgot! Jap test tomorrow! *wails*