August 28th, 2006


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Hello everyone.
here's an update on my life using the format of updatiness that many people are using these days

+ photo rally with MCU
+ taught a whole class lesson that went so extremely well!! Why is my degree four years damnit! I want to be teaching NOW!
- last day of teaching prac for the next few weeks. boo

+ cleaned unit. Unit is now clean w00t!
+ had people from Mars over, played much munchkin
+ had day off, w00t

+ had day off again. I'm sure I did something.
+ saw Snakes on a Plane, v. funny! and also gruesome. It is muchly with the gruesomeness. but also funny. saw it with Intan, Matt, Carack and Nic L.

+ slept in
+ had people over after church for hanging out
+ Intan came and we chatted about the grading. iexcited!
- got rid of internet. I was using someone else's broadband wireless interwebby, and that's illegal. My conscience attacked me, so no more internet at home.

-'s throughout the week. Didn't get as much uniwork done as I would have liked. I need to catch up.
- my speakers aren't working *growls*

things to do:
~ look up costing of banners for Mars.
~ look up student club bank accounts. Bankwest is now charging us for our account with them.
~ finish overdue assignments

I'm going to kendo tonight! yay! I'm stocking up on water now, so's I don't have to drink it overly tonight. Grading is THIS SATURDAY!!!! *squee*
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