September 2nd, 2006


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Kendo grading today. Yay! It was fun, Ian, Intan and Matt were there and my parents came too (yay!). We started the day with some big group training. There were a lot of people there from all the kendo clubs around Perth. We did some basic movement, then some basic cuts (even tsuki - which is the throat cut) and then practiced some wazza on each other (counter-attacking). then we had a 15min break, then grading.

I was in the first group to be graded, going for the lowest grade of 6th Kyu. Then those going for 4th kyu went, then 3rd kyu. There was no one going for anything higher than 3rd kyu, BUT Ian got called back to try for his 2nd kyu. After we all did our bit, we got the results back. I got double graded to 5th kyu (*squeeee*) yay for me! I got double graded *does a dance* and Ian got his 2nd kyu!! go him! w00t for us both!

FYI: lowest is 6th kyu, the kyu levels go up to 1st kyu, then you go for 1st dan (equivalent to karate black belt). My sensei is currently 6th dan, which is REALLY high! Only a handful in Australia. We have a visiting sensei at our dojo (club) who is 7th dan, and there's only a handful of them in the World! sugoi!

Then we had lunch, Ian, Intan, Matt and I all went to get take out coz we forgot to bring our own. We went to KFC in our armour. tee hee. We amused ourselves so easily. Then we had some theory on kata (ceremonial kendo - not real kendo, often you use a bokun, but some schools use real katana) and how to prepare for a competition. The nationals are coming up in June 2007 in Melbourne, so we were taught how to prepare for that. One of the sensei from the Murdoch dojo suggested that I try out for the WA womens kendo team for the nationals. So I thought I might think seriously about doing that. I can work really hard during the holidays to save money to go. Also, in the meantime, I could sell chocolates of something.

I'm excited by the prospect. Ian says that he's definately going, and he says Matt and Intan also might be going. However, they're also trying to do an exchange program for their final year, which so happens to be next year. So depending on when/where they're going, that may or may not be an option. We'll see how it goes.

I was very pleased with how I went, and now I'm even more excited by... just doing kendo! I can't wait for training on Monday. Yay for stuff!
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