September 3rd, 2006


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I figure that if I want to go to the nationals, I should do something productive towards it. My decisions is this: to get my old job back at the yatch club. I'm sure that they'd re-hire me as I don't need any training, and they're always short on people to work. I don't want to work at the hyatt building, coz that's sucky and I don't like it there, but the yatch club is an awesome department to be in.

I'm so bad at procrastinating. I really need to do study today. First, shower and food. Then I shall study.

*squeee* kendo!

I have a cold. Bah! I hate colds. this one's particularly horrible as it only effects my sinuses. That may not sound horrible, but... gee whiz! It's such a freaking half-arsed cold it's almost not worth having. At least I can breathe through my nose. hurrah!

FYI: The Royal Perth Yatch Club has a catering contract with the Hyatt, so that staff and food and the like are all Hyatt. Every day. All year. It's considered a Hyatt department. I work at the yatch club, but get paid by the Hyatt.
wakarimasuka (understand?)

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what is it about myspace? I think the name alone inspirers emoness. myspace? MYspace, mySPACE? what a crappy name.
eljay may have emo whingers on it, but not as many as myspace, hah!

*mutters* crappy myspace.

I've never actually been on to a myspace page, and I never plan too. It's like deadjournal. That too has many emo whingers, (hence, DEADjournal).

I remember when livejournal was paid only. countessdeweird got an account coz someone she randomly knew has a password of sorts, or whatever it was back then. Then when it started sponsoring free accounts, I got myself kat_fyffe. But I whinged too much, so although it's still alive, it's in a coma, i.e I don't ever use it. Yay for my new shiny journal.

and boo to myspce

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