September 4th, 2006


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So I've lain in bed for an hour, and to no avail. Sleep eludes me. I had grand plans of getting up early and jogging and then finishing off my assignment etc. But I don't think I'll even go in to uni tomorrow. I'll finish my assignment later in the afternoon and mooch around at home.

Hayfever it is not, full blown cold it is! Bah! Damn it, and I really wanted to be active tomorrow. Seeing how I'm feeling, I may or may not go to kendo tomorrow evening. I may or may not take myself off to my parentals for the day. Might be nice, might get some free food whilst I'm there. Yay for free food. We'll see how I'm feeling.

Damn damn damn! Stupid cold. I hate getting sick. Why can't I sleep? I'm sleepy! I should be asleep. Blah!
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is it sad that I've spent a better part of today watching kendo videos on youtube?

no it is not!

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