September 5th, 2006


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Last night I went to kendo. I didn't participate, I just watched. *sigh*
I talked to Susan, who's been to many nationals. She says that WA always has a problem getting a womens team, and I should have no problem qualifying. So I'd says that's a big tick for Kat. All I need to do is worry about the money. *stretch* Blah, worry bout money is sucky. I should go to the Yatch Club again and chat with Craig about that job.

Girls camp is this weekend. I'm doing the decorations of the Saturday night dinner. Liz and I are meeting tomorrow evening to work on those. We have the very big budget of... wait for it... $30!! Yay! :P Well, my idea of crape paper and fabric that was used for something completely different should come in under the budget. Yay for cheap ideas! w00t.

isick still. boo
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