September 8th, 2006


(no subject)

The computers in the Murdoch library have been updated. tre cool.

I went to kendo last night and managed to sick up. Coz I've been ill and all, but I was better yesterday, I decided to throw myself into training hard and correcting my mistakes so that come nationals, I'll be able to whip whomever I'm fighting (probably not, but 1 point would be nice). Anyway, bad idea. While actually training and moving about I was good, but then I stopped for like, 2 minutes, felt very dizzy, rushed to take off my head gear, and ran for the bathrooms. Blah! 10mins later, I felt fine again. Susan thinks that I shouldn't have been training so soon after recovering from being ill and that I was fine while training because of adrenelin. But when a took a short break, the adrenalin stopped, and I got ill.

Oh well, because I am on the recovery road, I should be completely fine on Monday. Instead of training, I helped one the guys with shinai maintanence. he'd gotten all the club shinai out and was taking them apart and putting them back together again, in order to take out broken struts and the like. So at least I did something productive.

Summit (girls camp) starts this evening. I still have to make more paper flowers for the decorations, and I would have made more last night, but I had to study for a Jap test I have in 15mins.

Thank you for listening to me my dear flist, and those who might check out my journal, but aren't on my flist or something. *grin*