September 11th, 2006


Don Carson talk on Pluralism, and a poll.

At St Matts Unichurch last night, we had the prominent American envangelist come to talk to us on pluralism from a Christian perspective. He's been speaking in Perth for a week, and his talks have been advertised regularly, so the lecture theatre was completely PACKED. There were like, 4 times the usual amounts of people there! He made some really good points about the idea of tolerance, and so I'm going to conduct a poll on here to gain an understanding as to what you guys think tolerance is.

Poll #818192 Tolerance

Which approach is more tolerant?

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."
"The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others."

This is your opinion. And can I please ask that you do, do this poll. I really want as many people to answer as possible. Hey, you can even refer your flist to do it to! *nods head vigorously*

More on tolerance after the poll!
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Music excitement

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*oh my gosh jump up and down in excitement and anticipation*

I heard the news on Triple J whilst in the car and started screaming my lungs out coz I was so excited and couldn't think of anything better to do to show my excitement
Oh, I hope they come! I hope they come! COME TO PERTH!!!!!

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Atticus is coming home

Dad called me just before I went to kendo to tell me that they've found Atticus. 4hrs later, it hasn't really sunk in yet. I mean, last week I was thinking about seriously putting him behind me and maybe having some sort of gathering by the foreshore in rememberance of him. Maybe I would have set something on fire. But now, he's alive and coming home on Thursday when I pick him up from my parents. I'm happy, I honestly am, but... it still hasn't sunk in, so I'm not the feeling the happiness that's there. I guess I'm more shocked than anything else. I'd gotten used to not thinking about him because it hurt too much. But now, he's alive. I can't wait to have him back home with me. I'd been getting lonely without him.

Kendo was very good tonight. I managed to get all the way through the 2hr training session which is great. My men (head) cuts are getting stronger, which is good. But my left foot hurts like buggery whenever I walk on it. I need to build a good calluse just behind my toes so I don't get blisters. All in all, training went really well.

I made my self continue during kendo, in celebration of Atticus coming home. I know, strange way to celebrate, maybe I'll do something else as well.

I can't believe Atticus is coming home. He really became my family. My human family is my family of course, but Atticus is like some sort of actual family member that you live with. He has his own personality and needs that I take of for him, he loves me and trusts me, and I love him. He's like, some sort of son. In a very weird way. Lise would understand me, she's very attached to her cat.

He was dropped off at a vet clinic a week ago and they've been tryng to get in touch with me. I haven't gotten any missed calls from random numbers, so something's wrong with the communication. But when I filled out the forms for his microchip, I had my parents number down as the secondary thingy, so they managed to call my parents, and they picked him up on Friday, just before I went off to Summit.