September 18th, 2006


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Ok, vacating date from this unit is two weeks from now, the 2nd of October.

~This friday, I'm going out to dinner with a friend.
~This saturday. All day role play day!!! Yay! People from MARS coming to do an RPG all day. I figure I can fit something in that evening too maybe. Anyway, everyone else also invited for all day RPG. Let's make it 10am start.
~This Sunday, church.

~Next Friday. House cooling party!!! Start at 6pm, byo drink and maybe snacky foods. to hell with me buying a bunch of stuff for it when all you guys will do is eat it. Tell other people that I know about my house-cooling party. Make sure everyone rocks up.
~Next Saturday, house cleaning party!!!
~Next Sunday, continue to get stuff out of house.
~Following Monday, everything out of house, house clean, return keys. Maybe shed a few tears.

Look, if you want to come help clean/pack at any time, lemme know and I'll definately welcome the help. Unless you're inept at cleaning/packing. Then I'll hate you. :P *grin*

Wow, two weeks from now I'll be gone from here. It's kinda sad. I really have loved this place. Oh well, now the real estate people will rent it out for like, $135 odd. Which is completely no surprise. Unless anyone here wants to take over the lease, let the real estate know asap, lemme know asap and we can get talking and you might be able to get my place at $120 a week instead of the highly inflated price they'll find for it.

*chyotto sad*

I met a random on a bus today. I said hello, because when he sat next to me, ha asked politly "do you mind if I sit next to you?" so I introduced myself, and we got to talking about uni and our majors, and then he asked me what kind of stuff I was in to, and I admitted to being a big geek, which he also happend to be. So we chatted about anime, and that was fun. Then the guy sitting infront of us started talking to us too, and he turns out to be a geek, and double majoring in education and japanese. So we had this great chat on the bus, and none of us had known each other before that. Yay for randoms on a bus!

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More on gender roles:
Kanishka gave a good sermon yesterday on a passage in 1 Timothy. He made some good points about gender roles.
Equality today has a lot of basis on what we can do, i.e "I can do anything a man can do" etc. Which is all well and good, but it's not how the Bible views equality.

Given that our salvation is not based on what we do, but on grace and faith, so that no one can boast, why should the most important thing of all (salvation) be any different from equality within gender roles? after all, both men and women are in need of the salvation that God offers them, and this is a free gift, and has nothing to do with who you are, but who God is.

Therefore, in 1 Timothy, when Paul is telling Timothy about the way the church is meant to be set up, he says that women should not teach men. This does not mean they are not equal to men, because we've already said that the Bible doesn't establish equality as society does (by what we do). It's a created order thing, and also relating to the fall. Woman went against the created order by leading her husband into sin. So women should not lead the teaching in a church by getting up and preaching.

the Bible does not say anything else about the role women have in church. The only limitation is on the actual teaching. We can lead the prayers or singing or a small Bible study group. But we shouldn't lead the congregation in the sermon. That's it.

And it doesn't mean we're not equal to men, because our equality is not based on what we do.

It was a good sermon. I'm glad of it.