September 22nd, 2006


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People need to stop spamming my eljay.

I was only thinking the other day ago, that I didn't get as many comments as I wanted...
I suck for thinking that.

Japanese = teh awesome
teh = teh coolest word right now
Kendo = I had teh awesomest dream the other night ago, that I was just doing normal practice, and it was teh awesome
rpg = teh awesome

BTW, all day role pay day at my unit this Saturday. Starts at 10, goes till 6. During the day! Come one, come all. yay for rpg's!!1!

I = teh geek

I have head lice *scream* I can't spell scream, I put a q in it and couldn't think of why it was wrong.
Yeah, anyway, head lice = teh suckiest. I got all wiggy and put hair stuff in my hair to kill em little buggers this evening. It's pesticide for your hair, aka KP24? I think. I think I work with children too much. I put more pesticide in my hair next week, and the week after that, to make sure I kill em all, and their little eggs too. EWWWWW!!

I saw teh coolest movie the other day called Shinobi. It's so cool It's a Japanese version of Romeo and Juliet with NINJAs! It's so good! I loved it. And it made me cry, and it was awesome. Go watch it. SHINOBI