September 23rd, 2006

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I've got high school prac starting monday at MLC. *is nervous*

All day role play day happend today. It was good. I was a stripper who used swords, and I managed to befriend a dragon. Go me! But in the end, I died defending my dragon. :(
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Hey hey,
I babysat tonight, and it was good. I'm trying to type using touch typing and not looking at the screen and it's hard! stupid touch type thing. blah. Anyway, babysitting, I looked after Rachel and her brother and sister. We watched a Midsummer Nights Dream, which happens to have Christian Bale in it. Yay for him!
I just feel like typing an entry.

Also, what's your opinions on Islam? Like, concerning the passages in the Koran concerning violence/peace, what do you know, what do you think, etc?
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