September 29th, 2006

wesley grr

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did lesson today. It went well for the first 2/3rds. *sigh*

My place is the biggest mess ever! It's coz I've started packing and haven't bothered cleaning anything up because I'm going to pack it up anyway. :P Needs to be clean by tomorrow night.

People who get here early, unless hey are Lise, will be kicked back out until 6pm!

No food provided!!! Eat before or byo food
portman casual

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man do I ever feel like this sometimes!

absolutly lovely weather today. What a nice day I've had so far.

Now to knuckle down and get this unit somewhat clean

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willow sad

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I'm never going to get this place clean on time


there's no where for stuff to go. I know it belongs somewhere, because in the past, it has gone somewhere. But I don't know where to put it now!

wah!so much stuff everywhere. Packing it is going to be a nightmare. It packing always a nightmare!?

Human was never meant to move from where they started!


So sick of this bottomless task!
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