October 1st, 2006

dancing cat

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I went to make some minor colour changes to my eljay and lost the entire awesome set up I had!! *cries*
I''ve restored some of the easy bits, but the colour scheme still needs to be changed back, and that's the hardest bit! Wait a minute... I have auto-complete switched on! firefox might remember the colours even if I don't, *checks*
YAY!!! It works! *dances*

So, Friday did manage to work quite nicely. I got the place clean eventually. People rocked up late, but I rather liked that. Matt, In and Ian got here on time, but that was good too. Ian told Ben to come, so Ben came. Lise rocked up, Gene and Leah from Mars came, Sarah Thorbs came, Malcolm, Tom Kooy, Matt, Ali and Heather came. Yay for people rocking up. I was rather pleased that such a nice crowd of people came. People hi-jacked my computer to watch this anime called the "Fist of the North Star". :P Martians and Lise and I started (but never finished) a game of Munchkin. We all just sat around talking. Several trips were made throughout the course of the night to get food/alcohol/drinks. Lise and I turned on the Buffy episode "Once More with Feeling", to those who don't know, that's the musical episode of Buffy. We turned on subtitles (though Lise didn't need them) and sang to all the songs. Malcolm joined in too, which was awesome. :D

We all managed to end up around my coffee table chatting... and just chatting. We ended up playing circle of death, Lise got drunk. Poor Lise. Ian managed to break the game for whenever he or I took a drink. Malcolm, Ben, Heather, Tom, Matt, Ali and Sarah had all left earlier. So Gene and Leah went to sleep on my couch (which is a bed-couch-thing. I forget what bed-couch's are called), Matt and In went to sleep on my spare single-king sized mattress. Lise, Ian and I went and sat on my bed talking about Christian-stuff. Leah couldn't sleep, so she came in and joined in talking. Ian left and talked to someone in my main room. Somehow, despite Lise being drunk, me being tipsy and both of us being very tired, we managed to carry on a great conversation about the complexities within Christianity. We both believe that the Holy Spirit was completely at work regarding what we were saying. Gene came in at one point and hung around, so our conversation turned to more mundane things.

Eventually, at some time, Gene and Leah left, and Matt and In left soon after that. Ian had gone home a bit before I think. Lise and I slept from about 7:30 to 10:30.

At 12, Sarah Francis came over and we watched the first half of the footy. at half time, we went to Anna's, who was away, but Tom (her boyfriend) hi-jacked her house and the projector she has and watched the grand-final. So we watched th last half (and most exciting half) with lots of people on a big screen. Yay for the Eagles winning ! Let's hope the Dockers get in to the grand final next year. :D

Sarah, Lise and I headed home. Lise and I cleaned my unit a bit THANK YOU LISE! and now it looks great! I replaced the missing power steering fluid in my car (one of the pipes is leaking), went to Lise's house, then went with Lise and Nelly, to their Dad's house for dinner and risk. We played risk, which he won, and watched "The Iron Chef" which featured food was sea-cucumber. Who on earth eats sea-cucumber!? Eww! Apparently it's very bland. I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 2:30. :D Nice big sleep. And now I'm going to In's house tonight for a bbq. Lise is coming too. Yay for this weekend. It's been great!