October 12th, 2006

shinobi love

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I went to kendo this eveing after 3 weeks of not going. You'd think that i'd stop getting blisters after a while. NO!! You keep getting them! damn it! :D Oh well, I enjoy kendo anyway. Sensei got me good right across my arm that's going to show up tomorrow.

Family is on a camping holiday down south, so I've the big ol' house to myself with the 2 cats. They're vying for attention and it's really quite cute... albeit somewhat annying. But still nice. Specially Atticus, as he's mine. Yay for Atty.

I went swimming at the local pool today in a bid for fitness and looking-good during summer. Felt good to get up early and wake up. Then I had a proper breakfast of 3 weetbix' and sliced banana on top. Yay for being healthy!

Randomly caught up with fergmonkey today. Was good. Chatted about stuff, and was good chatting. I wish I were more interesting and talked more about stuff other than my current rant. I sound like a broken record! bleh :P But yay for Ferg.

Actually went to jap class today, and I need to do uber study to catch up. questions were so incredibly hard to understand and answer. *le sigh*