October 21st, 2006

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I'm so bad. I've started viewing characters in movies as to how they would look in a rpg. For example; Lara Croft needs excellent melee, shooting, knowledge, money and connections. I don't think any GM would let a character that over-powered into a world so boring. Same with Neo, even more so. I'm so bad!

Study time!
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Hello Everyone!

Halloween is upon us... almost
So, there's a Halloween party coming up that I have inviting privaleges to, and I have permission to post an invitation onto my eljay. Thusly with the invite.

It's at Lise's house, on the 31st (Tuesday week), starting at 7:30.
If you don't know where Lise's house is, comment, and I'll reply with a screened comment.
Costume is a MUST, otherwise, there's no point to having the party on Halloween.
Bring signifcant others, but that's it. Ummm, can't think of anything else to say.

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Ok, 4th post for today.

I have just entered a competition to win a jplayer. It's an mp3 player put out by triple J. I am an avid JJJ listener, and I would like to win this prize. There are 50 to give away, and I'm hoping that all of you eljay reader will please take the time out of your scheduales to vote for me so I can win one of the 50.
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Voting can happen here. Just click on my picture, click 5 stars, enter your email, and voila! You have voted for me!
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