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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

buffy smile

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Halloween party was completely awesome. So many people turned up, and the decorations were amazing, and people actually made an effort to dress up and there was plenty of food and drink for everyone. It was a great party. I had so much fun. Thank you to everyone who showed up!
Pictures will come later. We were thinking that if the house is still available for next year, we'd have another one. It was just too fun to not do again.
I got REALLY tired at about 12:15 and just crashed and fell asleep. I felt pretty bad, because so many friends had rocked up, and I wanted to spend more time with them, but I was too tired. Hopefully good times will be had after exams. I've told a couple of people that massive hanging-outiness will have to happen once the exams finish. YAY!

3 weeks to go. 3 assignments, 1 aural, 1 oral, 2 exams.